Brunching with a view - Kika's Garden

Where there's food, there's happiness. If that's not a quote already, it should be. Who doesn't love a rich and filling meal? And even more so if it's brunch.

Brunch places have deliciously decorated Cyprus over the last few years, as has interest towards village life and tradition. Kika's Garden is an exact mix of those two ingredients.

the garden at Kika's Garden in Paphos

Inviting hungry stomachs to Kallepia village in Paphos, mrs. Kika has turned her house into a brunch and dinner experience. Her and her daughter Marlene created a cozy space in their garden underneath big fig trees, between their homegrown vegetables and on their spacious balcony with an astounding mountain view.

They offer brunch and dinner dishes for which you have to book a day in advance via Marlene. It's quite easy to find the place as Marlene usually sends customers the location.

Booking a table for brunch, Marlene greeted us with a jug of fresh orange juice and water, She explained the menu once seated and offered us any (and as many) beverages we wanted. A party of homemade jams hits the table first with a selection of freshly-baked breads and cheeses (the pumpkin bread is a must-try).

Bread and jams accompanied by figs and prickly pears

Bread and jams accompanied by figs and prickly pears

Try not to get overexcited with the jams and breads though - like we did - as the second dish is even more satisfying. Sizzling in the kitchen is a skillet of eggs, vegetables and Cypriot bacon and when it arrives it's like a welcomed attack to your nose.  It felt as strong as when cartoon characters sniff the smell around a room. 

Having brunch at Kika's Garden in Paphos

A pleasant surprise is that this village brunch place has vegetarian and vegan options! These include an egg-free bread and vegetable skillet with a side of the tastiest tahini I've had in Cyprus in a while. It certainly won't leave you with an empty stomach.

The brunch goes for a price of 15 euros, which is completely reasonable if you ask me given the quantity and quality of food and the personalized service you receive. All of their ingredients are home-grown and fresh and the view of mountain tops only compliments the meal.

Kika's Garden is an animal-friendly place as its kittens surround the garden. Well-equipped and done with care, this kitchen stays close to tradition. The sweetest addition is mrs.Kika herself. Soft-spoken, a retired dentist and a current painter, she embraces conversation. I certainly did not expect sharing book titles on self-development and enlightenment, nor a tour of her paintings in her living room, when I reserved a table for brunch. Though it was a wonderful occurrence.

cats at Kika's Garden in Paphos
A portrait of her mother, Kika painted

A portrait of her mother, Kika painted

Mrs. Kika with her paintings

Mrs. Kika with her paintings

I find such joy and thrill in discovering new places and experiences - especially when they're right under my nose, in my very own island.

And when they gift me with a bag full of juicy figs.

Kika's Garden homemade food & produce FB page

Contact: 99 459400

Open Wednesday to Sunday